Whether home or office, a coffee table is an important piece of furniture that can add an extra splash of class and beauty to any dull space.

However, finding a coffee table that is aesthetically pleasing and matches your interior decor can be a hard nut to crack.

Coffee Table

Being trendy and stylish, a sleek Noguchi coffee table is quite high in demand and has become a popular addition in a well-furnished home. The more attractive it looks, the tougher it is to find the perfect piece.

Herein, we are sharing a few factors to look for when buying a Noguchi coffee table:

1.   Functionality

It is very important to understand the need for your Noguchi coffee table before you actually buy one.

Whether you want to use it as a centerpiece, display shelf, decorative accent, or casual space for people to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, choose a table after considering its basic functionality.

Obviously, what is the idea of buying a coffee table for the kids’ room or for that matter, with a study chair?

2.   Material

The material of your coffee table matters the most as it defines its quality and durability.

Some of the common materials used to make coffee tables frame are wood, stone, and metal.

However, unlike other tables, the Noguchi coffee table is made with just 3 elements—a wooden base consisting of two alike curved pieces and a thick tempered glass top.

3.   Weight

Buying a heavy coffee table can cause you back pain or aggravate injury while shifting it from one place to another.

On the other hand, Noguchi coffee tables are lighter in weight, sturdy, portable, and easy to carry around.

4.   Dimensions

While choosing a coffee table, measure the area of its placement to buy a perfect size.  Since coffee tables are mostly installed in corners, a larger coffee table is not a preferred option.

A golden rule is to buy a coffee table that measures nearly two-third of the length of your sofa.  About its height, do not keep it too low or above the seat of the sofa.  Generally, the height is anywhere between 16- 18 inches.

Noguchi coffee tables have a unique shape and compact size. They can easily add character and create a captivating look in any space.

5.    Color

Choose the color that goes well with your interior decor, carpet, walls, floor, and other items. Don’t forget to consider the lights in your room.

The wooden base of the Noguchi coffee table is available in different colors and finishes like black, natural cherry foundation, and walnut base.
Coffee Table

For instance, a Noguchi table with a black base would look better in a well-illuminated room while the red base would suit a moderately lit room.

6.   Price

A major part of your decision depends on the fact how much you are willing to spend on a coffee table.

spend on a coffee table

Noguchi coffee table is one of the most modern furniture items. Depending on the design, color, and quality, the price can range from a few hundred dollars to over a million dollars

If your budget is not high, you can also buy a Noguchi table replica.

In the end…

Noguchi coffee table is a perfect furniture option to add appeal to your home or office.

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