In the 20th century, the Eames chair was the first bit of furniture that looked stylish and managed space well. The leather and wood design of the chair that time is still iconic today. Many furniture manufacturers still replicate the perfect design.

The Eames chair is a beauty to look at. It has impeccable design. The leather and wood finishes are unparalleled. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman set is still used as a reference to design comfortable lounge chairs. It was first conceptualized in 1956.

The Creators of Eames Lounge Chairs

The creators of the Eames Lounge chairs, Charles and Ray Eames were a married couple who pioneered the lounge chair design. They were creative partners and made several contributions into the field of furniture design and architecture.

Their motto was to design furniture that was practical as well as beautiful. They wanted to design chairs that would be ergonomic and use inexpensive materials.

Together, they pioneered furniture made from molded plywood, plastic and fiberglass. These materials are easy to use and enable furniture to be mass produced.

However, they had different plans for the lounge chair.

The Conception of the Eames Lounge Chair

Charles and Ray Eames wanted to design furniture that was high end. The Eames Lounge Chair was their first venture into the high end market. The main inspiration for the Eames Lounge Chairs are the 19th century bulky armchairs with rounded arms, English club chairs, and tufted seat backs.

The couple wanted the lounge chair to fit right in people’s houses. They wanted the chair to look comfortable and modernistic. This approach gave birth to the impeccable design that the Eames Lounge Chair has today. It is a blend of a leather recliner and a magnificent office chair. The chair now is slimmer, lightweight and definitely more comfortable.

Eames designed the chair for the Herman Miller Company. The company has continuously produced the design till date. The entire manufacturing and the production takes place on the US soil.

In Europe, the copyright to manufacture this design is held by a company called Vitra.

The Making of the Eames Lounge Chair

The chair has three molded plywood shells. These shells are made of multiple layers of plywood with a veneer layer. The veneer layer is made of wood grain.

Until the 1990s, Brazilian rosewood was the only option available for furniture. The original design was made with Brazilian rosewood. Now you can get a choice of walnut, white ash, ebony, and palisander wood. The modern replicas of the Eames Lounge Chairs use these materials to create the same look.

Charles Eames wanted to give his chairs a ‘lived in’ look. He wanted his chairs to look new yet homely. The leather cushions he used for the Eames lounge chairs gave them a perfect look. They were placed strategically and did not harm the wood in any way.

The braces at the back of the chair, and the base of the ottoman and chair are made of aluminum. The chair comes with a swivel function. It does not go backward and forward.

The Success of the Eames Lounge Chair

The chair debuted on NBC in 1956 as the most contemporary design and was an instant hit. The design was such a success that the designs of the chair are on display in the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Henry Ford Museum.

An original piece of the Eames Lounge Chair will cost you no less than $5,295.

The Keeks Design Emma Lounge Chairs Collection

The Keeks Design Emma Lounge Chairs are very close to the original design and cost $1495. They are affordable and durable replicas of the Eames Lounge Chairs.

There is also a lot of variety ranging from Vintage Brown Walnut, White Oak, Black Natural Oak, Black Palisander, Light Brown Palisander, and Brown Walnut.

These lounge chairs come with ottomans and are perfect for lounging. They have a swivel function and do not move forward and backward.

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