Durable Noguchi Coffee Table Replica

Like the idea of a coffee table to chit chat over with family? Presenting the classic Noguchi Table Replica. The table brings a simplistic yet iconic design that combines glass and natural wood to be the center of attention no matter where these are placed.

We skillfully utilize smooth curves with 3/4-inch thick tempered glass to make our coffee table a refreshingly elegant addition to any modern home.

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Eye-Catching Centerpiece

With the clean-lined silhouette and smooth flowing form, our coffee tables will act as an eye-catching centerpiece in any lounge. It instantly adds charm and elegance to any home interior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How can I care for my Noguchi Coffee Table Replica?

    Follow these care instructions to ensure the long life of the table:

    • Always clean it only with a mild soap solution.
    • Always use mats or coasters while keeping cold, hot, or wet materials on the surface.
    • Any spillage should be immediately wiped dry with a soft cotton cloth as there is a chance of staining.
  • 2. Do you have any store locations?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom. Our website is our only showroom, which you can browse online at any time in the comfort of your home.

  • 3. Does the color/polish of my Noguchi Coffee Table Replica fade over time?

    No, it usually does not. However, sometimes color/polish may fade due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. To avoid such a situation, please avoid keeping your table under direct sunlight.

    Moreover, if you want to keep it in an open space, we recommend a yearly wood wax rub-down to maintain the ageless look of the table. Wood wax is easily available in your local hardware stores & online stores.

  • 4. Is there a minimum order limit for free shipping?

    No, there is no such limit. We offer FREE shipping on every product, including our Noguchi table.

For more information, please call 800-781-5085 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.