If you’re packing a new item into your apartment, unpacking it the wrong way could leave minor damage throughout. To avoid contributing to unnecessary wear and tear, be sure to follow these guidelines for unpacking an Eames lounge chair.

Packing and Styling Tips

Everyone’s packing and styling instincts are different, but here are a few tips to help you unpack your Eames Lounge Chair the right way:

If possible, try to keep the original cardboard box it arrived in. This will help preserve the chair’s overall look and structure. Once you have it all out, take some time to examine each piece closely. Here are a few tips on how to style your new Eames Lounge Chair:

-Start with the seat cushions. Let them breathe by lowering the back of the chair so that it is at least an inch or two off the floor and allowing for some airflow. Alternately, if you want a more closed-in feel, place the cushion back on its track and tuck it beneath the legs of the chair.

-The back can be styled in a variety of ways as well. You can drape it over one shoulder or hang it down like a curtain. Be creative! The key is to make sure that the back accentuates rather than overshadowed your individual style.

-Put your feet up! Not only does this show off your beautiful furniture piece, but it also gives you a chance to clean everything easily without any upholstery damage.

Unpacking the Chair

When you first get an Eames lounge chair, it can be a bit daunting to try to figure out how to unpack it! Here are some steps on how to do it the right way:

1. Start by taking off the bottom of the seat cushion. It will have two Velcro straps that you can remove.

2. Next, remove the 2 shoulder pads and 2 arm pads. You will also find 2 ties near the top of each shoulder pad that you can remove with needle-nose pliers.

3. Finally, take off the back panel by gently pulling on one side and then twisting it until it comes loose.Now that you’ve unpacked your Eames lounge chair, take some time to make sure that everything is in good working order!

Storing the Chair Correctly

There are quite a few steps involved in unpacking an Eames lounge chair, but following these basic guidelines should ensure that your chair arrives in good condition.

1. First and foremost, be sure to remove the table from the chair. On the front of the chair, there are two clamps that hold the table in place. The table can be removed by gently prying it away from the front of the chair with a flat-head screwdriver. If it’s difficult to get the table loose, you can use a small wrench to twist one of the clamps until it comes free. Discard any packing material that was used to secure the table to the chair.

2. Once the table is off, take a look at each of the hinges that connect the back of the seat cushion to the back panel of the chair Frame: There should be four hinges in total (two on each side), and one near each corner of the cushion. If there are any missing or damaged hinges, fix them before continuing. Take care not to damage either side of the hinge joint with super glue or bolts- just stick them back together where they meet without putting too much pressure on them. Replace any screws if needed.
3 . Before you actually do anything else with your new Eames lounge chair, unpack all of its contents and lay them out on a work surface so you have an idea of what’s going where …..remember to label everything! In addition to the chair itself, there will be a carrying bag and a quick-release lever for the backrest.

4. Lift up the backrest and unfold it so that it’s flat on the tabletop. The quick-release lever is located on the back of the backrest, just to the right of the hinge. Position the backrest so that its spine (the long bar that runs along its center) is parallel to the floor. Attach the quick-release lever by inserting one end into a slot near the hinge and turning it until it locks into place. Be sure not to overtighten the lever- you may have to wiggle it a bit before it’s snugged down correctly.
5. Lean your lounge chair forward slightly so that its front legs are resting on the floor…you’ll need to hold onto one of those corner supports in order to do this. If you have an additional support column (like I did), now would be a good time to attach it to your chair using screws or nails. Once everything is attached, you’re ready to start putting your Eames chair together!


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