The Eames lounge chair debuted in America in 1956 as the best lounge chair. The design was ergonomic and designed for optimum luxury for people with refined tastes. It has set a very high standard for style and comfort in the market.

White Walnut Eames Lounge Chair Replica

How do you know that the chair is a perfect Eames lounge chair replica? The first thing is the comfort level. If the chair is so comfortable that it needs no more modifications, it’s done its job.

Longevity is another factor that sets the Eames chair apart from the others. It has set a record of being intact for more than half a century.  At Keeks Design, we provide top-quality Eames lounge chair replicas that are almost like the original.

Eames Lounge Chair Replica Buyer’s Guide

The Eames chairs are the most reproduced chairs. At the first glance, it’s not easy to distinguish the perfect Eames style lounge chair replica from the sub-par ones. Here are some things you could look out for before buying.

Vintage Brown Walnut Eames Lounge Chair Replica

Price – Based on the replicas made by different companies, be prepared to spend anywhere between $850 and $2500 for a good and comfortable replica. The higher quality replicas could cost up to $2500, but you can get an equally good product for a much lower price. You can find a really good replica for around $1400 at Keeks Design.

Manufacturer – The reputation of the manufacturer matters. Check the reviews on online platforms like Google. You may even contact them and see their response. A little research can tell you a lot about the manufacturer. If the manufacturer is putting effort into their customer service there’s a higher chance that the product is well conceptualized as well.

Dimensions – The main complaints that customers have is that the replicas don’t have the dimensions right. The overall aesthetic of the chair is affected. The Eames chair is known to be very comfortable while managing space. The replicas are too big as compared to the Eames chair. Check the dimensions of the chair carefully before purchase. You might want a bigger chair if you like to occupy more space.

Posture – The lounge chair isn’t a recliner. It has the swivel function but doesn’t move forward and backward. The seating position is somewhere between sitting and lying down. The tilt is at 15 degrees. Good replicas will get the tilt right as well as the posture.

Black Walnut Wood and Leather

Finish – The Eames chair that is made with walnut wood and black leather is the most replicated and the most popular. This look fits in budgets on the lower side as well. The original Eames chair was intended to fit the comfort needs of the buyer. The chair was meant to blend easily into the lifestyle of the buyer. The replicas of the Eames lounge chair are available in a wide range of colors and wood finishes.

Cushions – Good chairs have removable cushions for the most longevity. The cushions are the life of the chair and may need to be reupholstered at some point. Besides, maybe you want to wash the cushions after much wear. It makes the cushions easy to clean. The original Eames chair had removable cushions as well. The wood had veneer on both sides. Eames only used the best craftsmanship for their chairs. Good replicas have these features. If the cushions are not removable then the wood isn’t veneered either.

Hardware – The Eames chairs are known for their exceptional craftsmanship. None of the connections and nuts and bolts on the original chairs were visible. The only connectors visible were the two spines that connected the headrest to the back. The chair had a very smooth look with the best polished finish. Poor replicas will have these nuts and bold visible and the finishing won’t be very clean and smooth.

Leather – The original Eames lounge chair used 100 percent full grain pure Italian aniline leather. The leather comes off the back of the cow and is premium quality. The good Eames lounge chair replicas insist on using the same leather. This leather is very durable and lasts for a long time without getting spoiled. This leather is also very easy to clean.

Light Brown Palisander

Wood –  The Eames invented molded plywood. Furniture companies have copied this technique since then. Herman Miller, the company that manufactures original Eames lounge chairs offers a huge range of veneers. A good company that makes close replicas will also offer many types of veneers. You can choose between palisander, white oak and sometimes ebony.

Warranty – Always ask about the warranty. This tells you how good the product is. Sometimes the product gets damaged during shipping. Warranty insures you against damage.

Take a look at the affordable and better quality Eames lounge chairs by Keeks Design. We ship your chairs to you within 1- 5 business days.

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