Ergonomic office chairs are no longer an option, especially if we have to work for long hours.

The most crucial aspect of an ergonomic chair is that various elements right from height to neck cushion can be adjusted to one’s requirements.

Here, in this article, we’ve gathered key features to select the best ergonomic home office chair.

So, let’s scroll down and find out:-

#1 Height Adjustability

An ergonomic chair can be adjusted upwards & downwards, generally in the height range of 15 to 22 inches. You can adjust as per your height.

As a rule of thumb, the individual’s feet must be firmly on the ground, and the knee bent at an angle of 90-degrees while sitting. So, you must check this feature when you buy an ergonomic chair.

Ensure that the chair you purchase must have adjustment controls that can be reached from the seated position, and you need not strain your body much. 

Discover Eames office chairs which provide height adjustability, comfort, and save space.

#2 Upholstery

If you are in search of an ergonomic chair that is maintenance-free, then opt for upholstery materials such as vinyl or leather. Both the materials have less tendency to get dirty over time, and the strain marks are easy to wipe off.

Fabric upholstery is the most preferred choice because the fabric is breathable, and feels comfortable, even during summers.

In addition, the padding must be of high quality. It is highly recommended to consider a memory foam cushion as it lasts longer than other padding materials.

#3 Backrest Adjustability

Some ergonomic chair brands have gone one step ahead in providing backrest adjustability that tilts at certain angles. This ergonomic office chair feature is practical for a strained lower back as you can easily tilt the backrest to a comfortable position.

Since an ergonomic backrest aims to protect your back, the back adjustability must provide equal pressure lumbar support, while creating any pressure points.

#4 Sufficient Seat Depth and Width

The seat of your home office chair must be wide & deep enough to let you sit comfortably. You must opt for a deeper chair if you are taller, and shallower on the other way around.

Ideally, you must sit with your back against the backrest, and it should be approximately 2-4 inches between the seat of the office chair and the back of your knees.

The chair must allow the user to adjust the seat’s tilt backward or forward depending on how you choose.

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