A living room is a perfect spot to spend quality time with your family and friends while watching TV, eating, or gossiping all night.

But if your living place doesn’t have the right ambiance and is not reflecting your personality, renovation is worth considering.  If you do not have oodles of money to spend on renovation, this blog is for you.

Herein, we are sharing some interesting decor ideas to add character and splash of class to your living room without spending a fortune:

1.   Multipurpose furniture

Multi-functional furniture items give your space a whole new look and can satisfy your unique requirements.

For instance, a sofa bed can provide you comfortable seating, and if you have regular guests who sleepover, it can also serve as an extra bed.

Another example, an Ottoman that can be used as a storage unit or a footstool.

Place some spare Barcelona-style chairs around the Ottoman, you’ll be able to create an instant hangout zone.

Using multi-purpose furniture saves both space and money.

2.   Lit it up

Sure, well-placed furniture items can spruce up any living space, but lights can literally set the mood and make your living area look more stylish and functional.

Some of the ways to lit up your space are:

  • Hang lanterns
  • Use oversize statement pieces
  • Open your window curtains
  • Install dramatic wall lights
  • Invest in an antique chandelier
  • Add eye-catching metallic lights

Layering lights in different ways can uplift your space.

3.   Upscale dull walls

Do you often feel frustrated while looking at the boring and empty walls of your living area?

Wall decor is the easiest and cheapest way to provide a mini makeover to any space.

Some of the ways to decorate your walls are:

  • Hang wall art
  • Place a huge mural
  • Arrange the elegant plates and mirrors
  • Place some paintings
  • Use a fresh coat of paint
  • Frame huge botanical prints

4.   Accessorize

Accessories add a finishing touch and bring the entire space together.

Some of the accessories worth considering for your living room are:

  • Place a huge wall clock and create a minimalist feel at home
  • Throw some pillows and blankets on chair and couches
  • Place a rug that feels soft under your feet
  • Bold drapes and curtains make the living room inviting
  • Display an artificial vase or a candle stand on your Noguchi coffee table
  • Indoor Plants

Plants can make any space feel fresh and positive.

Some of the ways to infuse green element into your living room e:

  • Fill the empty corners with potted plants
  • Hang planters on walls
  • Place a flower basket on your dining table
  • Incorporate pots on your bookshelf
  • Put glass vases on side tables

Not only plants bring life to space but elevate any interior space to the next level.

6.   Gallery wall

If you are struggling to fill a wide-open space behind the couch, a gallery wall is a great option.

This creative way of displaying prints and photos is a trend that never goes out of style and is one of the best living room decor ideas on a budget.

Display the collection of family photos, much-loved art pieces, favorite postcards, and souvenirs to create an artistic and bespoke gallery wall.

7.   Update the storage unit

Whether it’s small or big, casual or formal, a well-designed and cleaned living room can make a long-lasting impression.

This includes keeping unwanted stuff in your storage unit and organizing your living room. Storage containers can be a great focal point and allow you to store multiple things with style.

For instance, paint your storage unit, match it with a pair of lamps placed on each corner, and place a few accessories like a flower pot on its top.

In the end…

Designing your living room without breaking your bank is not as difficult as it seems.

To make sure your living room looks great and appealing, follow the above tips.

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