What is a Barcelona Chair?

Designed by Mies van der Rohe & Lilly Reich, Barcelona chairs are popular across the globe for its supreme-luxurious feel & unmatched comfort.

The chair’s framework consists of a criss-cross connection of steel bars. It has one curved steel bar back to front, and other one curved steel bar supports the chair. The back and seat is designed out of premium-quality leather straps supporting the foam-rubber cushions.

In the next segment, we will learn about the history of the Barcelona chair.

The History of Barcelona Chairs

The history of Barcelon chairs takes us back to 1929, when Ludwig Meis van der Rohe  designed a special chair for Spanish King Alfonso XIII. The original design of the chair was upholstered in luxury wite leather and  steel frame that make the chair sturdy.

The latter version of Barcelona chairs had chrome frames for a premium finish that complimented every room interiors. The original design has been tweaked and evolved by top interior designers, while maintaining its original lavish form & structure. 

Buying an authentic Barcelona chair during the second World War was quite expensive, but worth the style it adds to your home decor. And, the best part, the Barcelona chairs have been proven not to lose value with time.

What are Its Key Features?

Now, let’s talk about the most essential features of a Barcelona chair, so let’s scroll down and have a look:-

Barcelona Chairs Are Firm and Soft

A Barcelona chair comes with two cushion supports with soft yet durable leather. The backrest and the seat cushions hug the body comfortably whosoever is seated on it, and keep the chair as firm as possible.

Many homeowners love the look & feel of a Barcelona chair, however some rue the high-cost. But, don’t you worry, you can’t afford to purchase an authentic Barcelona chair, there are a lot of premium quality replicas available on the market.

Although it is not easy to compare the quality of a handmade chair to an industrial assembled chair, some Barcelona chair replicas look simply great.

Barcelona Chairs Are Comfortable

Barcelona chairs were originally designed with comfort as priority; some rate these chairs as the most comfortable option on the market.

It is a mid-century lounge chair that exquisitely combines the real comfort for a baseball mitt with a modern, sleek design that stands out.

One thing to note here is that these chairs are primarily designed for resting, writing or working on your laptop, quite a little uncomfortable.

Barcelona Chairs Are Spills-Proof

Spills are the biggest arch-enemy for any furniture. You’re enjoying your favorite red wine with nachos, your soccer team scores a goal, and suddenly you stand up in wild celebration; only to look shocked as your Barcelona chair is ruined.

But, they are designed to be less prone to stubborn stains. They are made of finest-quality leather which is porous compared to open-weave leather. In case of a spill, gently mop and your job is done.

It is highly-advisable to take a pre-emptive care of your Barcelona chair, and wipe the spills right away, so that it doesn’t get soaked in the cushion.

An Incredible Selection of Premium-Quality Barcelona Chairs

At Keeks Design, we have an exclusive collection of finest-quality Barcelona chairs designed with superior craftsmanship. The top-grain Italian leather our Barcelona chair offers the comfort you deserve. The high-density foam cushions with well-defined corners present an exquisite feel.

Our chairs are resistant to rusting, chipping & corrosion.

Available in a variety of color chives, you can pick one that aligns with your opulent home.

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